The new book on sale in book stores

The book release of BUNADER OG TRADISJONER I SETESDAL at Setesdalsmuseet in Valle was a big success. More than a hundred people showed up this wednesday afternoon to celebrate the release. It was a pleasure meeting all the people that made this book possible, there was entertainment, music, and food was served. At times there…


Book release on June 10th in Setesdal

On the 10th of July the Setesdalsmuseet is hosting a release party for my new book. We hope to see many of the people who helped and also those modeling during the six visits I made in order to get photos from all the seasons. Here are some of the pages from the book and…

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New book “Bunader og tradisjoner fra Setesdal”

A new book is about to be printed “Bunader og tradisjoner fra Setesdal”. 200 pages with 500 amazing photos from weddings, childrens babtizm, work at the farm, lots of animals and children playing, as well as some “never shown before” material on the Setesdalbunad from Oslo University. Like my other books I have taken photos…


STORA BOK-REAN 2015 startar 25/2

Stora bokrean är igång! Ni kan förhandsbeställa böckerna från Duran Publishing redan nu hos www.bokus.com.  


An 18th century dress for an 19th century bride!

In Sweden, three centuries ago, King Gustav III was inspired by the costumes of the European courts. He decided his courtiers would wear a “national court costume” like the ones in France and Italy and made the choice of black silk for the ladies and black cloth for the men. The thought of the courtiers…


The wedding costumes from Järvsö in Hälsingland.

The extensive work with the book KRONBRUDEN continues and on this beautiful sommersday the bride, her bridegroom and the bridesmaid took our breath away as they walked their way to church in the sourroundings of Kyrkön on the shore of Ljusnan in Järvsö. The bride is dressed in a fashionable black light wool dress with…


Books and fabrics keeps me busy!

As we move in to autumn I look back on my most exciting year as a textile producer and publisher. For those of you who do not know my company Duran Textiles please take a look at  the site www.durantextiles.com For years now I have been reconstructing historical fabrics, mainly 18th century, from museum collection….