The wedding costumes from Järvsö in Hälsingland.

The extensive work with the book KRONBRUDEN continues and on this beautiful sommersday the bride, her bridegroom and the bridesmaid took our breath away as they walked their way to church in the sourroundings of Kyrkön on the shore of Ljusnan in Järvsö. The bride is dressed in a fashionable black light wool dress with all the decoration traditionally worn with the folk costume.

Duranpublishing.com-2The extraordinary handsome bridegroom wears the traditional folk costume with chamoise breeches, coat and waistcoat trimmed with red piping and a fashionable top hat.

Duranpublishing,com-5The bridal crown, which is one of the most spectacular in Sweden, is decorated with flowers and silk ribbons. Around the sleeves there are white lace tied with floral silk ribbons. The bib, like the crown, is covered with flowers, pearls and curled strips made of thin sheets of brass.

Duranpublishing.com-3The bridesmaid is dressed in traditional folk costume from Järvsö and wears a special headdress in the shape of a large bow.

Duranpublishing.com-7The bride groom has a silk ribbon on the hat to mark the occation and a bright green silk neckershief. – More about the wedding traditions and costumes from Järvsö will be featured in KRONBRUDEN – The Crowned Bride, release in 2015.

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