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Warming wool shawls from Norway!

 © Text and photo Laila Duran.

The company Duran Textiles  where I make reconstructed fabrics from museum collections and royal castles, have had this warming wool shawl in production for some time. Now I have had them made in the NEW colours of clear blue, bright red, green and purple. The size is 120 X 120 cm. They are handmade in a wonderful heavy 100% wool quality. Price is 1450.- Swedish kronor (inc VAT). There is still time to order before Christmas. If you want to know more send me an e-mail on:

After Christmas I will be back blogging about the folk costumes and bunads in my books. The next books to be published in spring of 2014 are about the popular embroidered Bunads of Norway. The title “Broderte Bunader” shows one hundred years of Bunad history in a coffe-table-volume with hundreds of photos. In addition there will be a booklet with the most popular Bunads of Norway in Norwegian and English.

I wish you all the best and a happy, happy Season!   //Laila Durán