Books and fabrics keeps me busy!

As we move in to autumn I look back on my most exciting year as a textile producer and publisher. For those of you who do not know my company Duran Textiles please take a look at  the site

For years now I have been reconstructing historical fabrics, mainly 18th century, from museum collection. Bunad and folk costume producers in Scandinavia and northern Europe use many of the hand printed and painted cotton fabrics as well as the silks.

Last year we had the most prestigious commission so far. The famous Eremitage Castle in Dyrehaven in Copenhagen had three small chambers, which where to be dressed with silks, two of them all hand painted in floral patterns. The work was a great challenge.


The castle has been used as a hunting lodge by the Royal family for three centuries.


The famous spotted deers. There are more than two thousand of them grasing on the hills sourounding the Eremitage.



Two fabrics from a danish private collection was used to reproduce the painted silks.


The art-work was hand painted with a fine brush and ink. It took more than 300 hours to do the 14 color separations of the large repeats.


Then the outlines were printed on the silk, one on white satin ground and one on blue tafetta.


All the colores were mixed by hand.


Another challenge was to teach the shading tecnique that was used on the originals to the people that was going to do the final strokes.


The outlines was printed and the flowers then painted by hand. Here, hundreds of hours later, the final tuch on the “master painting”.


The blue chambre has a veiw of the lake. The flowers have a silver outline so when the candles are lit in the evening the walls are sparkeling.


The Queens white chamber, the flowers are painted on silk satin.


The third chamber was dresed in Duran Textiles silk FLORA, the design is of chinese 18-th century origin. See more at


The day of the inaguration was a wonderful sunny day.


Hundred of people had gathered to see the Queen and the Prince arrive in a carriage pulled by four white horses and two outriders in uniform riding in front.


My co-worker and I are dressed in our finest.


From the left Mrs Nagesh, supervisor of the production in India. Center, Mrs Augustinus. The Augustinus Foundation donated fonds to remake the original interrior of the castle. To the right Torkel Henriksson from Duran Textiles. He handpainted all the art-work used to reproduce the three silks.


The queen held her speach …


… happy with the spectacular results.


And finally before we went in to the dining area I presented the Queen with some of my books. She was very happy, telling me she had seen them before, at the home of Queen Sonja (of Norway).


The Queen and Price bids everyone goodbye.

It is amazing to think that a few meters of fabric can take you on a journey like this. We are so very proud to have our work on the walls of this small, almost like a jewel box, castle.

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